1937 Ford Flatback Sedan
                                                 One of a kind "Custom built" By hand

                                                 12 volt electrical system
                                                  8 hp Tecumseh electric start engine
                                                  Forward and reverse transmission
                                                  Drop floor
                                                  Rack and pinion Steering
                                                  1500x6" Front wheels   18x850x8" rear wheels
                                                   Hand painted mural on trunk lid
                                                   Side Mirrors
                                                   Simulated rolled and pleated seats and floor mat
                                                   Steel bumper
                                                   1 1/4"x1 1/4" box steel constructon
                                                    Aluminum dash with gauges and key start
                                                    Stainless steel fire wall
                                                    Diamond plate rear window ledge

This is the '37 Ford  Flatback Sedan page.


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