Finished and Almost Finished Cars

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1937 Ford Convertible

Divco Truck

1971 Mustang

Arrow Huss

3/4 Ferrari Testarossa

1985 Porsche 911

1937 Ford Flat Back      

1973 Chevy Pickup

1956 Corvette

Subaru Bratt

1975 Corvette

1932 Ford Conv.

" T " Bucket

1941 Willys


308 Ferrari 
Bugatti 356 Porsche
Ferrari Testarossa

Unfinished Cars 

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Subaru Bratt '58 DeSoto Firem '36 Ford Peddle Fiero Gremlin '65 Mustang Fast  
Bronco '37 Ford FlatBS Dodge Van '37 Ford SR Con Gullwing '75 Mustang    
Buick '68 Corvette T Dune Buggy PC '58 Ford Sun Indy Formula B Olds Aero Tech
MPC '57 T Bird Duster Conv '40 Ford Indy Formula GR '74 Vega  
'57 Chevy '75 Corvette (W) Duster HT Ford Pick-up Indy Formula Wh '59 Plymouth Fury  
Chevy Van '80 Corvette HTR Ferrari 308 Ford Van Mercedes Trolley  
'59 Corvette '80 Corvette W Ferrari 330 p2 Formula Baby Model T Gearb MPC "56 Pontiac  
'63 Corvette '80 Corvette IRL Ferrari Testa Funny Car Bud Model T Tiller Dr  
'68 Corvette Con Cobra Ferrari Testa 3/4 Funny Car Cal '65 Mustang Conv '56 T-Bird  

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