Divco Truck

Divco trucks were made  by the Robel Company,  Berwick PA.. The Fiberglass bodies were made by Amroc Co, Long Island NY

Two types were made, a gas powered and an electric. The electric ran off a 12 volt starter motor. The gas powered one had a 2 hp Briggs engine. Some had head lights and tail lights and a light on the roof. The original frame was made of angle iron. I made one based on the original design using 1 1/4 x 1 1/4 box tubing. The original frame was a dead axle or one wheel drive. My frame is live axle with two wheel drive. I plan to use a quad motor on mine so it will have reverse.

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Arrow Huss '59 Corvette '58 DeSoto Firem Fiero Funny Car Bud Model T Gearb MPC "56 Pontiac
Subaru Bratt '63 Corvette Divco Truck '32 Ford Funny Car Cal Model T Tiller Dr '85 Porsche 911
Bronco '68 Corvette Con Dodge Van '36 Ford Peddle Gremlin Monster Patrol


Buick '68 Corvette T Dune Buggy '37 Ford FlatBS Gullwing '65 Mustang Conv '56 T-Bird
'75 Corvette MK Duster Conv '37 Ford SR Con Indy Formula B '65 Mustang Fast MPC '57 T Bird
'57 Chevy '75 Corvette (W) Duster HT PC '58 Ford Sun Indy Formula GR PC '71 Mustang T-Bucket
'73 Chevy Pick-up '80 Corvette HTR Ferrari 308 '40 Ford Indy Formula Wh '75 Mustang Trolley
Chevy Van '80 Corvette W Ferrari 330 p2 Ford Pick-up Jeep 1 pass Olds Aero Tech '74 Vega
'56 Corvette '80 Corvette IRL Ferrari Testa Ford Van Jeep 2 pass '80 Olds Omega '41 Willys
'58 Corvette Cobra Ferrari Testa 3/4 Formula Baby Mercedes '59 Plymouth Fury  

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